At the state level, there will be two layers of oversight comprising of the State Steering Committee (SSC) and the State Technical Committee (STC). The State Coordinating Offices (SCOs) under the coordination of the SSC and STC, shall carry out the day -to- day execution of project activities. At state levels, project activities will be implemented through the existing five States Coordination Offices (SCOs) and through new SCOs that will be established in the additional participating states.

Membership of the State Steering Committee (SSC)

  • Deputy Governor or his Designate – Chairman
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Directors of relevant value chains in the Ministry of Agriculture (2)
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Planning/Budget
  • Ministry of Trade and Commerce
  • Ministry of Women Affairs
  • Rural Development
  • Ministry of Works
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Apex Farmer Organization (1)


Responsibilities of the State Steering Committee

Oversight policy and strategic orientation functions will be performed by the SSCs at state level.

The SSCs will be headed by the Deputy Governor in each state or his designate. The SSCs will ensure:

  • Alignment of the project with state policy and development programs;
  • Approve State Annual Work Plan and Budget (SAWPB) prepared by SCOs and cleared by STC; and assess project implementation progress reports.

The SSCs will functions at the state levels, to a certain extent, the way the NSC functions at the federal level but will be supported by STC.

Responsibilities of the State Technical Committee

To support the activities of both the SSC and the SCO, a Technical Committee (STC) will be organized that will meet quarterly and as needed to provide technical back-up to the SCO.
The technical group will be chaired by the Permanent Secretary for each state. Given that the project is designed to allocate resources based on the performance of each state, the STC will closely follow and facilitate the periodic utilization of funding availed under the project.
The STC will review technical, monitoring and other reports; guide and facilitate project implementation; ensure project is executed in accordance with the project design; facilitate and create forum for collaboration among similar projects and agencies with activities relevant to the Project that are operating in their respective states; and ensure that project implementation is carried according to SAWPB as approved by the SCCs and in accordance to the Project Implementation Manuals.
The STC has the mandate to facilitate stakeholders’ participation at the state level that will facilitate in enhancing operational synergy and complementarity. The technical committee will also ensure that agreed action between the SCC/SCO, the Bank Implementation Support Mission reports and other observations made by external assessment (such as audit service) are implemented timely.

State Coordination Office (SCO)

While new SCOs will be created in the additional new participating states. In carrying out their functions, the SCOs will facilitate and coordinate project activities at their respective States and will be responsible for preparing monitoring reports, annual work plans and budgets, and preparing periodic reports and submitting to the SSC, STC and NCO.

The SCO will serve as the Secretariat for both the SSC and the STC. In this regard, the SCO will have a reporting responsibility to the SSC, STC and NCO. They will also be responsible for all fiduciary aspect of project execution except financial matters.

SCO Staffing (Participating States)

  • State Project Coordinator
  • Procurement Officer
  • Project Accountant
  • M&E Officer
  • Project Internal Auditor
  • Agro-processing Specialist
  • Productivity Enhancement Specialist
  • Women & Youth/Livelihood Specialist
  • Environmental Officer
  • Communication Officer
  • Rural Infrastructure Officer
  • Commercialization and Business Development Officer
  • MIS/ICT Officer

Support Staff:

  • Training Officer
  • Assistant Project Accountant
  • Account Officer
  • Value Chains Facilitators 3 NOs
  • Administrative Officer