The project has five components presented below as follows:

The aim of this component is to increase total supply of the targeted priority value chains with a purpose to ensure consistent, reliable and timely stream of produce to the markets. Project will provide support to small and medium scale farmers and their cooperative societies through business alliances that will link farmers to markets through off-takers and local processors. The activities to be financed are clustered around the following three subcomponents:
a. Subcomponent 1.1. Business alliances and out-grower scheme
b. Subcomponent 1.2. Technology demonstration:
c. Subcomponent 1.3. Support to technology adoption
The component will support the reduction of post-harvest losses, facilitate the consolidation of produce and primary processing by farmers’ cooperative societies and small and medium scale enterprises in project intervention areas, focusing on gender sensitive activities along the core segment of the value chains (production, processing, marketing) and ancillary businesses (agro-dealership, haulage, packaging, business management, etc.). Activities to be financed under this component are organized around three subcomponents:
a. Subcomponent 2.1. Women and Youth Empowerment
b. Subcomponent 2.2. Commodity aggregation and cottage processing
c. Subcomponent 2.3. Market development and linkage to business services
This component aims at improving physical environment (last mile connection to roads and utilities) for agro-industrial and cottage processing units located in agribusiness clusters with significant potential for agro-processing and greater inclusion of small to medium size farmers into the agribusiness supply chains through the business alliances. Activities to be financed under this component are clustered around the following subcomponents:
a. Subcomponent 3.1. Infrastructure support to production
b. Subcomponent 3.2. Infrastructure support to processing and value addition
The aim of this component is to build capacity of project staff and partners in the relevant areas of value chains development, harness knowledge acquired and generated under the project, facilitate exchanges of experience and build capacity of stakeholders participating in the implementation of the project, and support the FMARD on policy and strategic issues, and undertake Technical Assistance (TA) and technical studies for scaling up agricultural productivity and processing activities and programs. Activities to be financed under this component are:
a. Subcomponent 4.1. Capacity Building and support to collaborating institutions
b. Subcomponent 4.2. Technical assistance and knowledge management
c. Subcomponent 4.3 Communication and outreach
The aim of this component is to ensure effective management and coordination of the project for proper accomplishment of project related goals and the achievements of the PDO. This component will support the work of technical, financial, administrative, and monitoring & evaluation activities during the entire project period. Activities to be financed under this component are organized around the following subcomponents
a. Subcomponent 5.1. Project management and coordination
b. Subcomponent 5.2. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
c. Subcomponent 5.3. Environmental and Social Safeguards and Grievance Redress Mechanism